Flavigny sur Ozerain — No Chocolate.

This austere church was a centerpiece of the movie Chocolate with Juliet Binoche, which was filmed in Flavigny sur Ozerain not far from Fontenay Abbey and our rental cottage in Semur-en-Auxois.

There were winding streets with ancient houses.

There were charming touches.

And there were the flower covered walls nurtured in every medieval village we have visited.

But it proved to be something of a disappointment. Perhaps it was timing;  Fontenay Abbey that morning  had far exceeded our expectations and Flavigny was something of a let down. It did have the virtue of not being overrun with tourists and cheesy boutiques and souvenir stands.   It was a perfectly nice medieval town but there was nothing that particularly distinguished it from the many similar towns we have visited.

It was probably us and not the town.  While I love medieval towns which was why we were staying in Semur and why we were visiting Flavigny, Ed had sort of had his fill of medieval charm at this point.

Founded in the 8th century, the walls below were constructed in the 12th; they provide a picturesque entrance from the parking lot.

The original walls are still in place around the town;  here is one of the back gates into the countryside.

I love walking on the ramparts of these old fortified hill towns. 

This classic miniature and rather messy knot garden was tucked in  just over the wall. 

We didn’t see any sign of chocolate, but they do make a famous pan candy formed around anise seeds. Anis de Flavigny has been its prized export for centuries and it is still made in the local abbey. Some people will be getting it in their stockings this Christmas.   And there was this nice cat.

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