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Edwin’s Law — At Fontenay Abbey

Edwin’s Law is ‘there is always a parking space right next to wherever you are going.’  Years ago we parked at the bottom of the hill near Chartres and walked a long ways to see the Cathedral — with its … Continue reading

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Day in the Country – Champigny sur Marne

‘When I am in the country, I never wish to leave it and when I am in town it is pretty much the same.’   We concur with Mr. Bingley’s sentiments because we have discovered the only thing that gives as … Continue reading

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Graffitti — Street Art? Vandalism?

Do you know its art when you see it? What makes it art?  What makes it vandalism?  If it happened a long time ago, is it art?  Like these carvings on the side of St. Pierre in Senlis?What about newer … Continue reading

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