Bird Story — Happy Endings!

We met Hortence earlier in my first post about our back yard — Square Batignolles.  From the time we arrived she was setting on her eggs in this little perch above the stream in the park.

But a week ago, this is what we found when we went to see her.It looked like one broken egg and a couple of whole eggs abandoned.  I hoped it meant some goslings had hatched, but there was no sign of Hortence or her children.  Perhaps a dog, or a disagreeable child (there are a couple who frequent the park — a universal phenomenon) or someone looking for dinner had attacked her.  For over a week I looked around the park for signs of her, with no success and where there had been four bar headed geese in the park, there were now only three.  There isn’t a whole lot of cover for a goose to hide in in the park.

But yesterday here is what I saw when I went to the park.  First Hortence was back and being hovered over by her beau who had been conspicuously indifferent during her nesting period.  Notice that she is sort of oddly puffed up as she rests on the bank of the stream here.And a bit later, the two very vigilant parents were showing off the kids.  I love a happy ending.

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2 Responses to Bird Story — Happy Endings!

  1. Siun says:

    Just learned of your travel blog – and what a superb treat it is!

    So good to see you two having such a lovely time – and so kind of you to share it with us in this way – merci!

  2. Raegan says:

    Just great Janet, loving reading about your trip and of course, getting ideas for our trip to France next year.

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