Our Front Yard — Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is our front yard —  a great place to enjoy the late afternoon.  Only 3 or 4 blocks away, it is also the site of one of our two nearest metro stops so we often arrive back to our neighborhood at the main entrance of the park.

The Monceau metro has one of the few remaining classic art deco entrances.

Like Square Batignolles our backyard and favorite place to hang out, Parc Monceau is one of the more charming parks of Paris.  It is always filled with families.  I love the way Parisians dress their little girls in cute dresses; this is just an ordinary weekday late afternoon in the park.

The place is brimming with activities for children.  Every park seems to have a sandbox, often with interesting funnels and water for castles.  Interestingly, we have not seen a single cat in Paris running loose.

Pony rides are a weekend favorite.

There is also a carousel and several playgrounds with traditional play equipment.  But kids seems to find plenty of fun on their own as well.

Behind this child and his tree, you can glimpse one of the mansions that fronts directly on the park.  Monceau is a semi-private park — or is that semi-public.  It is open dawn to dusk for everyone — but after it is closed a handful of families in mansions on the park have access directly from their homes.

The park began as a private park of the Duke d’Orleans in the late 1700s; he lost his head to the guillotine during the revolution and the park became public.  Eventually half was sold off to wealthy Parisians to build mansions and it is these mansions that continue to have the park as their true back yard.

This is one of the residential streets leading up to one of the eight entrances to the park.  The Musee Cernuci which showcases Asian art is among the homes to the left here.

The park is laid out as an English garden with winding paths, flowers, follies and nooks and crannies. 

While it is much loved by children, there are also plenty of adults enjoying themselves.   Like many Parisian parks Monceau is equipped with WIFI for those who aren’t happy to jog or  just read and stare.

While it is not quite so filled with charming wildlife as our backyard Square Batignolles, there are ducks on the pond as well as turtles enjoying the spring.

A great place to hang.

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One Response to Our Front Yard — Parc Monceau

  1. Kathy says:

    Ah, Parc Monceau. Brings back wonderful memories of picnics in the Parc and walks through the follies. I wish I could go back to Europe more frequently, but lovely memories will have to do for the next few years.

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