Our Backyard — Square Batignolles

I love Paris.  It is such a welcoming city; you can hardly walk  a  block or two without a tiny  playground or square filled with benches.  And a few blocks more and you find yourself in a garden.  Paris is put together for the pleasure of Parisians.

If a Parisian is very lucky, she has a small balcony for flowers or a terrace, but most do not and almost no one has a private yard or garden. Typically people live in apartments like these.

We like to rent a place for a month or two and pretend we live here.  Like most Parisians our backyard is a quick bus ride or stroll away — but like our pool in Nashville, because it is shared with our neighbors, we don’t have to do the weeding and cleaning but have all the enjoyment.  So this morning, I grabbed the bus on the corner and rode 6 blocks from our rental  to our backyard grabbed a bench and read my book surrounded by my neighbors.

Paris parks are friendly gathering places with benches, WIFI, jogging paths and activities  for kids.  Our back yard is Square Batignolles.

I have formed a relationship with Hortense the bar headed goose and visit her as well as the exotic ducks and swans (and not so exotic pigeons and mallards.) The birds at the head of this post are a pair of widgeons.

When Vivian gets a little older she will love our backyard.  This tiny park has four separate playground for children with toys for toddlers and more ambitious activities for older kids.  There are also table tennis and fusball tables, bowling greens and places for kids to ride their trikes.

And because we can’t seem to go more than a mile without a yummy French bite, we are happy to see the crepe stand.

I have always loved carousels and this one is an antique classic.The plane is cool, but my favorite is the cow.

I mean, how cool is this cow?

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One Response to Our Backyard — Square Batignolles

  1. Hi Mom – I love the new blog! This will be such a great way for us to follow your fabulous travels.

    The carousel is most excellent – that is one contented cow!


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